HOT - Transition Packs 3.6.15 (x64) Bundle for Premiere - FREE

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22-01-2020, 11:25
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FilmImpact Transition Pack v3.6.15 


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Version for Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows)
The installer is already cured (Team V.R), just install.

More information on the official website:FilmImpact Bounce Pack v3.6.15 (Compatibility CC 2014 - CC 2019)
FilmImpact Motion Tween v3.6.11 (Compatibility CC 2014 - CC 2019)
FilmImpact Transition Pack 1 v3.6.12 (Compatibility CS 5.5 - CC 2019)
FilmImpact Transition Pack 2 v3.6.10 (Compatibility CS 5 - CC 2019)
FilmImpact Transition Pack 3 v3.6.12 (Compatibility CS 5 - CC 2019)
FilmImpact Transition Pack 4 v3.6.4 (Compatibility CC 2014 - CC 2019)

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