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Wedding Bundle Pack
This package has everything you need from start to finish. Wedding email templates, welcome packets, posing and business guides, marketing materials, and more! See the pink What's Included tab below to see everything included. Click the product name in that list for more details about each product. 
Make Wedding Photography Your Full-time Career! 
Are you still bouncing around working another job and shooting weddings around your work schedule? Do you want to make the switch to full-time photographer? You need this bundle. Our business guide tells you how I went from booking 12 weddings a year to 76 weddings a year. I've also included email templates that I use with my clients. I share my epic mistakes on shooting weddings so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid them so you'll never have to deal with them. I've compiled my posing workflow for weddings and engagement sessions - both indoor and out! After you've soaked in all of that information and integrated it into your business, finish up with some wedding workflow actions, presets, and album templates for quick post-wedding workflow. There's even a guide on second shooting a wedding, so you don't even have to have started your business yet to implement these tips. There's also a marketing set and some welcome packets just for wedding photographers! They include professional, pre-written text! This bundle seriously has everything you need to get your wedding business off the ground. 
BP4U Engagement Posing Guide
BP4U Wedding Posing Guide
Indoor Wedding & Engagement Posing Guide
Client Wedding Forms Bundle
My Epic Mistakes on Shooting Weddings
Photography Basics: Wedding Day Workflow
The Business of Wedding Photography
The Photographer's Guide To Second Shooting A Wedding
Ultimate Wedding Workflow Email Templates
Wedding and Engagement Template Pack
Wedding Magazine Welcome Packet Template {1st Edition}
Wedding Welcome Packet Template {2nd Edition}
Wedding Team Welcome Packet Template
Wedding Marketing Set
Wedding Workflow Action Pack
Wedding Workflow Preset Pack
Wedding Wonderful Actions -Set 1-
Outdoor Wedding Actions -Set 1-
Outdoor Wedding Presets -Set 1-
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