HOT Videohive - Earth Map Connections for Premiere Pro 26534397 (hàng độc quyền)

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Please note: this template allows you to create 1 single connection line between 2 points so it is not possible to create branch lines or simultaneously show more than two points on the map.
NOTE: Earth Map Connections is a template compatible with Premiere pro cc2018 and above, but IT REQUIRES After Effects (even trial version) installed on your machine to work.


  • 4 versions included:

    • FullHD for cc2018
    • 4K for cc2018
    • FullHD for cc2019 and above
    • 4K for cc2019 and above
  • Expressions universalized (it works with all software languages)
  • No plugins required
  • very easy to use – no skills required
  • video tutorial included
  • compatible with all versions of Premiere Pro from 2018 to above
Music not included but you can purchase it from:
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