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The best french After Effects website, now available in English, for motion lovers, worldwide.
A passion story
Whether our training, our products, or our contests, our content have something in common: a passion for motion design. Mattrunks is a site made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.
We love our job and we will do our best to transmit you our passion and best tricks, so you can find fulfillment in yours.

We will share some of our favorites through articles to keep you abreast of the latest trends in animation and special effects.

  1. 3D Cover flow preset for AfterEffects
  2. 3D tracking and 3D text in AfterEffects CS6
  3. Abstract and destructured transition between your texts
  4. Amortype 2.0 - Automatically create damped animation letter by letter
  5. Animate easily your vector illustrations with AfterEffects CS6
  6. Animation of a website template
  7. Candy Bubble Typography - play fulex perimentation with Form
  8. After Effect spour animerfacilementavec Du Duf IK Tools
  9. Effets de texte Flip-Flap _ Particules _ Triangleset Effets Colorim A
  10. Explosionde Typo Organiqueavec Particular2
  11. Firegrind - Creating fire with Particular
  12. Floating Types - Advanced 3D typography animation
  13. Flying Tears - Create flying drops with simple 2D vector animation
  14. Flying Typo spourune explosion delettresavec Trapcode Particular
  15. Freeze animage and simulateanink reveal effect
  16. Galaxy Thumbs - Createa 3D gridof images with Trapcode Form 2
  17. Generate random shapes on a single shape layer using expressions
  18. Give life to a photo using multiple planes
  19. Hair Morphing - hairy typography
  20. Iso scene - Animatea complex scene base dontriangles
  21. Jingle Avengers - Compositor Link et text e 3D After Effects CS6
  22. Learn how touse the expressions selector on a text layer
  23. Levitation - Flow of 3D letters
  24. Lien dynamiqueet fluxd etravailentre After Effectset - Premiere Pro
  25. Light Paths - Animation of 3D colored strokes
  26. Magic Box -A box where each of its faces containsitsown 3D world
  27. Mercury Lines - Create dynamic strokes with out plugins
  28. Neon light effects and realistic about the Typo
  29. Particular Morphing - particle transitions between your texts
  30. Popcorn Explosion
  31. Procedural text animationin Cinema4D with Sketchand Toon rendering
  32. Shape Layer sas creative tools
  33. Shape Layers Sparks - 2D Animations parks
  34. Sound management and audio synchronization in After Effects
  35. Step By Type - Animation Typographi queen morceauxdecaract
  36. Tuto Light Painting sur After Effects Effets lumineuxsans plugins
  37. Variablesdans After Effects - partirde fichiers textes
  38. Variableset Ensemblede Donn A - cessur Photoshop
  39. Vector Type Morphing - Seamless transition between your letters
  40. Wiggle - Generatea fixed random calculation - even after adding layers
  41. Wordsin Lines - Create text from 3D lines
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