HOT - ELETRA - CINEATIC COLOR LUTS Full Colletion for Premiere Vip943846058

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Shooting with the on-board color presets within the drone limits your video quality in a number of ways. Using the internal video processor on the drone for manipulating color limits the capabilities when editing within your software. Color presets used during capture reduce the camera’s sensor to 8-stops of dynamic range. While D-Log does shoot in a flat color profile, this setting utilizes the full camera sensor and expands the dynamic range to 12-stops. This provides more information within pixels, higher video quality, and more flexibility when editing. Video recorded in the 8-bit presets often results in "destructive editing" or loss of quality when making changes to color, exposure, highlights, saturation or other changes. Elektra color presets, when used with D-Log, provide cinematic color styles with no loss of quality in your footage.

2. Elektra – Cinematic Color Presets | Mavic Air Edition
3. Elektra – Cinematic Color Presets | Phantom 4 Pro/Adv Edition
4. Elektra – Cinematic Color Presets | Zenmuse X3/OSMO Edition
5. Elektra – Cinematic Color Presets | Canon C-LOG Color Profile
6Elektra – Cinematic Color Presets | Sony S-LOG2 Color Profile
7. Elektra – Cinematic Color Presets | Sony S-LOG3 Color Profile
8. Elektra – Cinematic Color Presets | Panasonic V-LOG Color Profile


- Adobe Premiere 9.0 or later (*Not compatible with any version of Premiere Elements*)
- Adobe Speedgrade CC or later
- Adobe After Effects CC or later
- Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later
- Final Cut X (LUT Utility or other plugin required)
- Davinci Resolve 9 or later

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