Photogrphy Pastel Portait Editing Tutorial

Tác giả: Gfxviet
8-05-2020, 08:09
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In this tutorial, I do a complete step-by-step walkthrough on how I edit all of my Instagram portrait work. It will be heavily focused on color grading and how I achieve a unique color story. We are going to be using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, prior knowledge is useful but it is not necessary.
 What’s Included:
 * Video tutorial that showcases my editing process/techniques from start to finish
 * The RAW file so you can follow along with me (please note that this is just for the tutorial, you may not post the image anywhere online)
 * A Frequency Separation action to make your skin retouching workflow faster.
 What’s Covered:
 * How to color grade images in Lightroom using different adjustment panels
 * How to get rid of skin inconsistencies and make the skin tone even using Frequency Separation
 * How to Hack the Instagram Crop and make images fit the frame
 * How to Dodge/Burn to add more dimension to the photo and make it pop
 * How to use Selective Color & Camera Raw to add a unique color story
 * How to use adjustment layers to emphasize light/shadow & color
 * How to save & sharpen your image for Instagram
 * and much more!
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