Colored Gel Portraits & Retouching with Jake Hicks

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8-06-2020, 14:42
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  • English Closed Caption Subtitles Included
  • RAW Files Included
  • 22+ Hours of HD Video Content Immediately Available for Download
  • 84 Videos Included
  • Mature Audiences – Nudity In 1 Shoot
  • Prerequisites Cover the Basics and Necessary Gear to Get Started
  • Multiple Shoots with 6 Different Models
  • 11 Different Photoshoots Covered
  • Post Production in Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Transfer This Content to Your Mobile Devices – iTunes Friendly
  • Videos Cover Pre-Production, Photo Shoots, & Retouching
  • Learn From the King of Gelled Portraiture, Jake Hicks
  • Learn How to Shoot In Studio and On Location
  • Learn How to Direct and Pose Your Subjects
  • Learn How to Use Gels and Color Theory
  • Learn How to Build Multiple Lighting Setups for White Light and Gelled
  • Learn How to Use a Beauty Dish, Multiple Reflects, and Umbrellas
  • Learn How to Tone, Smooth, and Retouch Skin
  • Learn How to Troubleshoot Light and Color Bleeding
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Off Camera Lighting (Key, Fill, Hair, Etc.)
  • Learn How to Create and the Differences Between Looks, Soft and Hard
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Create the Gelled Flare Look
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Create the Gelled Beauty Look
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Create the Gelled Edge Look
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Create the Gelled Key & Fill Look
  • RAW Files Included for You to Follow Along w/Retouching
  • Bio and Podcast Interview Included
Coloured Gel Photography has transformed my portfolio and helped me establish a unique style all my own. It’s my hope that this extensive 22 hour tutorial will give you the understanding you need to help craft your style and add a bit of colour to your portfolio. Here is just 1 of the 85 videos included in this tutorial.
Here are just a few of the images shot in studio and out on-location covering numerous lighten setups,wardrobe, posing, gel setups, and post production workflows. In this tutorial you will see the full workflow from start to finish learning my process all along the way.

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