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Premiere Pro CC2014 – 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

The plug-in suite REVisionFX provides a variety of excellent plug-in tools, such as video noise reduction, super slow-motion stepless speed change, de-flicker, deformation, color correction, lens repair, etc.; Twixtor/Flicker/RSMB/Flex, etc. are very popular commonly used plug-ins. . Compatible with AE and PR of Win system. Currently available is version v23.08.

RE:Vision Effects contains plug-in directories:
DE:Flicker v2.2.3 video de-flicker plug-in
DE:Noise v3.6.0 video noise reduction plug-in
FieldsKit v4.1.1 animation deinterlacing plug-in
PV Feather v1.8.1 point-by-point feather plug-in
RE:Fill v3.0.1 smart patching and filling plug-in
RE:Flex v5.5.1 distortion/face changing plug-in
RE:Grade v1.3.0 color correction plug-in
RE:Lens v2.4.2 fisheye wide-angle lens distortion repair plug-in
RE:Map v4.2.1 UV map mapping plug-in
RE:Match v2.7.1 color matching plug-in
RE:Zup v1.1.1 lossless amplification plug-in (new plug-in)
ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro v6.4.1 RSMB dynamic blur plug-in
Shade/Shape v5.3.0 shape shadow plug-in
SmoothKit v4.0.2 Noise Reduction Skin Beauty Plug-in
Twixtor Pro v7.5.5 super slow motion speed plug-in
Video Gogh v4.0.0 watercolor oil painting plug-in

RE:vision Effects is a research and development company focused on providing innovative, advanced custom software to create, modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality. Their products have a broad range of applications and are currently used in every phase of television, motion picture, internet and visual effects industries. The company supplies its cutting edge software through partnerships and direct sales for a large segment of customers ranging from at-home editors, wedding and other live event videographers, industrial video providers to those creating high-end effects for commercials, broadcast TV and big-budget films.

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