IWLTBAP LUTs - Update 20 — March 2018 Included (Premiere, C1, FCPX, Lightroom...)

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24-01-2022, 11:16
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IWLTBAP LUTs - Update 20 — March 2018 Included (Premiere, C1, FCPX, Lightroom...) Win/Mac | 360 MB
These presets are based on most famous cinema styles.It’s really different from general public color grading tools, because these LUTs were designed to preserve maximum skin tones and color chart .
Update 20 — March 2018
This update comes with 16 new creative LUTs:
— C-7050-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: very cold blue atmosphere
— C-7060-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: dark blue and contrast
— C-7070-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: very green/blue atmosphere
— F-6770-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: pale green and yello cinematic look
— F-6780-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: film look with red and contrasted atmosphere
— F-6800-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: very cinematic with strong contrast and vivid colors
— F-6810-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: green dark and contrast look
— F-6820-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: fresh and vivid teal and orange with dynamic range optimized
— H-6860-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: warm look for western film
— H-9890-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: warm look with low contrast and vivid colors
— W-6830-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: warm teal and orange atmosphere
— W-6840-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: low contrast, no highlights, with red atmosphere
— W-6850-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: very dark look with warm touch
— X-6790-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: duo-tone red and blue for horror film
— X-7080-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: inspired by the film Tokyo-Ga (1985)
— X-7090-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: crazy aggressive and beautiful teal and orange look
And 1 new utility LUT:
— U-DJI-DLOG-V2-LTR: LUT to convert « DJI D-Log to video » (more conversion LUTs for DJI
products are coming)
Update 19 — September 2017
This update comes with 13 new creative LUTs:
— C-6960-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: teal and orange with lot of cyan blue and contrast
— F-6880-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: ultra green-blue cinematic with high contrast
— F-6890-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: sort of duo-tones with vivid blue and autumn brown
— F-6900-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: cinematic look with blue close to white and pink atmosphere
— F-6930-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: film look with green atmosphere inspired by Kodachrome 25
— F-6970-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: vivid green for classic film look
— F-6980-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: thriller cinematic look with dark green and contrast
— F-6990-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: two tones with ultra vivid blue-cyan and autumn brown, I love it
— W-6920-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: bright film look with classic film print colors
— W-6940-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: warm film look with magenta atmosphere
— W-6950-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: contrast teal and orange look, for thiller and horror
— X-6870-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: crazy duo-tones, not realistic but so cool
— X-6910-STD STD/LOG/VLOG: very warm western look, works well on low light
And 5 new utility LUTs:
— U-BMDFILM-URSA-46K-V1-LTR: LUT to convert « BMDFilm URSA 4.6K to Rec.709 »
— U-BMDFILM-URSA-46K-V2-LTR: LUT to convert « BMDFilm URSA 4.6K to Rec.709 »
— U-PANASONIC-V-LOG-V9-LTR: new LUT to convert « V-Log L to Rec.709 » for the GH5
— FLog_FGamut_to_FLog_BT.709_33grid_V.1.00: LUT to convert « F-Log to standard » (made by Fuji)
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