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Text Tools – Most Versatile Text Package on Envato Market Ever! Includes everyting you need for everyday work. 4 Big Packages inside one Toolkit.

Main Features

  • Works with MAC and WINDOWS
  • Fast Render Optimization
  • Handy Animation Studio Extension Includes
  • Works with Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • More than 4000 Animations
  • Online Item Dashboard HERE
  • FREE Updates
  • Works with any language, any fonts
Package I: Text Titles – More than 1600 Animated titles, elements, scenes and stuff. Ready to use.
Features of Text Titles:
  • 11 Categories
  • Any Resolution
  • Works in After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • Handy Animation Studio Extension Supports
  • Color Control
  • Duration Control by Programmed Safe Zones (No need Keyframes)
  • Works with Free Fonts
  • Auto Resize for Any Resolution
  • Customizable
Minimal Titles – minimalistic titles, the most universal for any type of video. Such as stories, vlogs, YouTube videos, weddings. Kinetic Titles – trendy titles for modern projects from modern people. Glitch Titles – distortions are always in fashion. Create an atmosphere of suspense and mystery with the help of glitch titles. Typography Titles – don’t want to do anything? Take a complete scene from the typography. Call Out – designate beautifully! Lower Thirds – create captions for your interview characters and highlight their style with unique animations. Sale Titles – promoting a sale is now much easier than you think. Big Modern – diversify your project with interesting solutions. Social Media – Everything you need for social networks. Instagram, tiktok, youtube, snapchat – design anything and how you want to. Cinematic Posters – your favorite movie posters are now available for use in any projects. Digital titles – each of us is a bit of a hacker. Create illusions of a virtual world and feel like you’re inside the matrix.
Package II: Text Fonts – More than 500 Animated Symbols in 5 Full Branded Fonts. Ready to use.
  • 5 Categories
  • All symbols:Caps, Lowercase, Digits, Special Symbols
  • 100% Shape Layers
  • No Need Font Files
Package III: Text Presets – More than 1500 Motion Text Presets.
  • 15 Categories
  • Animate Words, Lines and Characters
  • No Keyframes
  • Markers Duration Control
  • Fast Render
  • Mixable
Package IV: Text Scripts – 5 Handy Scripts for Text and Shape Layers.
  • Long Shadow Generator
– Create Long Shadow Effect in One Click on any Text or Shape layers. Full Controls: Size, Color, Opacity, Angle
  • Moving Stroke
– Create Cool Moving Stroke Effect on Any Text Layers. Full Control: Width, Color, Speed, Length
  • Chromatic Generator
– Create Chromatic Abberations on Text Layers in One Click.
  • Auto Text Box Generator
– Create Automatic Text Box on any Text Layer. Full Control: Color, Size.

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